Integrative Massage

Based on the work of psychologist Wilhelm Reich, integrative massage focuses on the connection between the mind, body, and spirit. In order to bring about this connection, various techniques and styles are utilized, making each session unique based on the clients needs at that time. In each session the client is invited to take a more active role through breath work, awareness of the nervous system’s role in the process, as well as awareness of areas of tension, and what pressure works best.

Due to its holistic approach, integrative massage has been found to benefit clients dealing with depression and anxiety, migraines, chronic pain, distorted self-image, and traumatic events.

Deeper connection and gratitude

Generally, integrative massage can benefit anyone looking for a deeper connection with themselves and more gratification in their lives. An important part of this process is to develop trust between the client and therapist. I make sure to create a safe space for the client to share whatever their needs may be, allowing for them to have a more relaxed, nurtured experience where they can deepen their awareness of their mind, body, and spirit connection.

Because trust and a deepening of the client/therapist relationship takes time to develop, I recommend four consecutive weekly sessions in the initial treatment plan in order to gain more information about the client, as well as deepen the therapeutic process.