I guide my clients in developing a deeper awareness of their bodies, while relieving the tension built up from everyday life. I do this through noticing misalignments and imbalances in posture, and noticing tendencies causing chronic tension, knots, headaches, or discomfort.

We work together through the guidance of the breath, talking things out, or holding space for whatever my client needs at the moment. My goal is to ensure that my clients receive the work that they came for, and leave satisfied with how they feel physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

I customize each session based on what my client’s needs are as well as what energy they are holding and wanting to let go of, or receive. I use a combination of trigger point therapy, neuromuscular techniques for chronic injuries or misalignments, deep tissue on stubborn areas combined with breath work, and I specialize in specific work on the neck to relieve pain from whiplash, headaches and migraines, increase mobility, and relieve TMJ pain, which may be combined with jaw and intra oral massage if needed.

I also make sure that after thoroughly working on an area, I give it a good flush all the way out each limb, helping to increase circulation and create a feeling of softness and wholeness.


Integrative Massage

Based on the work of psychologist Wilhelm Reich, integrative massage focuses on the connection between the mind, body, and spirit. In order to bring about this connection, various techniques and styles are utilized, making each session unique based on the clients needs at that time.

Specific Injury Treatment

I specialize in specific work to relieve pain such as headaches and migraines, whiplash, tendonosis, back pain, knee pain, scoliosis, or chronically tight muscles that are affecting athletic performance. Often clients will come to me with specific areas of tension, pain or discomfort.

Deep tissue Massage

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage works on realigning the deeper layers of muscle tissue, using various techniques that often require firmer, sustained pressure, including myofascial release, trigger point, and neuromuscular massage. Due to the intensity, I always work within my client’s comfort.

Neuromuscular Massage

Neuromuscular massage is a specialized form of massage that works with the nervous system in order to release specific holding patterns. The work addresses myofascial trigger points, nerve entrapment and compression, dysfunctional gait patterns, and more.

Trigger Point Therapy

A trigger point is a tight area in the muscle that causes pain in other parts of the body due to how connective tissue spreads throughout the body. Trigger point therapy is specifically focused on relieving pain through cycles of isolated pressure and release.


I understand that living with headaches and migraines can be debilitating, so I work with my clients to assist in relieving their suffering. I offer 30 – 60 minute sessions directed specifically towards work on the contributing muscles in the upper back and neck.

couples massage

Couples Massage Private Lessons

I teach different techniques and strokes to build your confidence, and ways of using your body to add more pressure and make it easier on the giver. You may turn the lesson into a four-hand massage by your partner and a professional massage therapist. Option to learn how to turn a regular massage into sensual foreplay.

somatic meditation

Somatic Meditation for Deep Relaxation

I guide clients in a meditation of experiencing the body more deeply through the breath. We start with an invitation to the breath to take us deeper into witnessing sensation in the body. Then we explore further based on what is coming up for the client and what they have set an intention to work on. This session can be used as a way to take a break from the struggles and mental blocks in your life, or it can be used to journey deeper into your experience to gain a better understanding of where you are feeling stuck or blocked in life and to learn to move through it with deep presence and clarity.

You may think of this session as a somatic massage. By the end of the hour, you will feel as relaxed and as connected to your body as you would feel after getting a massage.

We do this session over the phone so that clients can be in the safety and comfort of their own homes.