Massage therapist

I became a massage therapist to help myself and others connect with our bodies on a deeper level.

My name is Jocelyn Diles.

Because of my athletic background, I have always had an interest in understanding how pain, tension, and discomfort manifest in our bodies. As a competitive gymnast, toughing it out was my philosophy. Yet this never sat well with me, as I watched my sister suffer from repetitive injuries as an elite gymnast.

After leaving gymnastics I found yoga, which helped me to gain a spiritual connection with my physical body, and gave me a more yin perspective on how to connect with ourselves.

As I grew more interested and empathetic for those who suffered from physical pain and discomfort, I felt called to massage therapy. I observed how it manifested in our daily lives and affected our mental and emotional well-being. Since I have suffered from chronic pain and injuries resulting from gymnastics, long-distance backpacking, running, cycling, and working at a computer, I am able to relate and work in a way that feels thorough to my clients, helping them feel light and renewed when they leave my table.

CBD Cream

I use my homemade CBD cream in every massage. CBD and THC both work as anti-inflammatories, and pain relievers. The of the cream is to help reduce the inflammatory responses when working on painful, stubborn spots and injuries. I do not charge extra for this service, and I always ask for permission before applying the creams. I do not use on children.

I go to Jocelyn for her therapeutic touch and to be emotionally nourished at a very deep level. – Ilyse Streim, CMT, Lafayette, CO